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Gamers ready: Survival Live, a new adventure series being made by Discovery, sounds like a reality spin-off of The Hunger Games, starring Jennifer Lawrence (pictured). Billy and Ky meet each other for the first time, just before their 21-day naked survival challenge in the swamps of Louisiana. Paolo and Kristin are using the primitive survival skills they learned before the challenge to get food, water, fire, and more. An independent mother of three, plus a jungle savvy Green Beret, take on the remote wetlands of Guyana.
At lunch the other day, a friend described one of the generic ex-military survival show hosts demonstrating how to hunt down an elk. Their survival priorities are all wrong: It takes, at an absolute minimum, two weeks or more to starve to death. They make surviving look easy: I was floored by the response to that article where we showed you how to make a fire with a knife. How you're gonna die: The best survival advice I've ever read was written by former Dual-Survival host and barefoot hippie Cody Lundin.

If you are naked in the jungle, you're going to step on something that cuts your foot, it's going to get infected and, unless you get it treated, you're going to die from dehydration caused by a seriously nasty case of diarrhea. While it's great that these shows are fostering an interest in outdoors stuff in people who maybe didn't have that interest before, they're also painting a totally unrealistic scenario about what going outside is like. SAS Survival Guide: A comprehensive manual on first aid and other survival skills broken down across different environments.
It’s been revealed that Vogue Williams is the latest Irish celebrity set to enter the jungle.
Vogue is taking part in Bear Grylls’ upcoming ITV jungle survival show called Mission Survive.
The famous adventurer will be taking eight celebrities into the depths of one of the most unforgiving Central American rainforests, where they will compete in a 12-day survival mission. Stuff like that makes great TV, but piss poor survival advice that's misleading and potentially downright dangerous. I would set them daily survival missions and would then regularly back away, leaving them to their own devices, so that they would learn by doing it and making mistakes.

Walking around a hot, wet jungle swarming with pathogens while barefoot is not anyone's idea of a fun afternoon. Each and every one of them could kick my ass and totally could survive in the arctic with nothing but a hairpin and a condom.
But let's not kid ourselves, these shows are not a great place to learn survival skills, which are actually a handy thing to have stored away in the back of your head if you ever need them.
The best way to survive jumping through a hole in sea ice is to not jump through that hole in the first place.
Yet, this is the stuff millions of people are being told to and shown how to do on TV every night.
It didn't do anything to you, just like it didn't do anything to the survival show host who showed you how to do that on TV.

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