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Exploring South East Asia's rich rainforests is a must for nature enthusiasts, but to also come away with a whole set of new survival skills will take the experience to a whole new level. One of the many things that impress visitors to Thailand is the ability of the locals to live off of the land.
In addition to knowing a lot about the plants in the jungle, many Thais still know how to make temporary shelters and many other jungle crafts that would make being lost in the verdant terrain… not so uncomfortable. Unlike what is often portrayed on TV survival shows, you will learn how to conserve energy and not take chances. We offer a variety of jungle survival courses in Thailand, one of which takes place in Khao Sok National Park.

What you will learn on this jungle survival course will sharpen your senses, restore a sense of enablement and self esteem dulled by years of consumerism, and may even one day save your life! Today, most Thais don’t have to rely on the jungle for sustenance, though they have retained much of their ability to identify wild edible and medicinal plants. All came from simple backgrounds and fairly poor families and, growing up without access to modern technology, they have developed the skills to live in the jungles of Southern Thailand with the bare minimum of tools.
True survival is all about making decisions that affect your longevity, and a focus on safety is paramount to this end. This is a comfortable way for you to see the jungle and experience one of the most beautiful national parks in SE Asia.

This is the preferred destination for survival training as it offers the largest area of old-growth jungle in the region as well as hosting abundant wildlife. That might make for more interesting TV viewing, but it is not what you will do in a true survival situation.

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