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Just a note on the Jimi Wallet – a tri-fold (folding your bill into thirds) will work best, for max storage.
Gotta love those swipe tab miniature cards, we’ve all been turned into honorary night watchmen, or else we try and cram that metal and plastic sea urchin into a pocket or a purse – Ouch!
Jimi™ Game Shell's translucent outer skin is made from 100% recycled and recyclable polypropylene.
He was doing his online banking, and next to his pad of scribbled finances was a small rectangular box of bright plastic, about the size of a credit card. This entry was posted in Fashion and tagged Fashion, Mike Sowden, money, purses, recycled plastic, Shelter, wallets. Small and translucent, rigid and smooth, the Jimi is "the wallet for people who hate wallets." That's according to Mike O'Neill, the San Francisco cyclist and entrepreneur who founded Mr.

If I lose my credit cards, I have to call the company to cancel them, but if I lose my cash, I can always get more. Each of my accounts has at least 1 card, not to mention autoclub membership, drivers licence etc.
There’s the fact that most wallets and purses use leather, and our feelings are mixed on that issue. If you answered YES to either of these questions, then it just might be time for you to simplify your life and downsize to a wallet that isn’t like any wallet that you may have seen before. Opening my wallet (yes, leather), I find stubs, used train tickets, receipts, brightly-colored paperclips and a gift-card with no credit left on it. Inside, there is a slot for four credit cards on one half and a money clip on the other half--the essentials and nothing more.

The right side is the card holder, which can accommodate a maximum of 4 standard sized plastic credit cards. A lanyard hole on top lets you don the Jimi on a loop of string around your neck if desired.
It holds the minimally required currency and cards to go about daily life, organizing and protecting your collateral from the moisture and mismanagement that might occur when things are crammed alone in a pocket.

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