Industrial knife sharpener machines, pocket knives for sale nz - Review

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CATRA specialises in sharpening machines utilising the CATRA developed interlock spiral wheel system for use by knife manufacturers, resharpening services and professional knife users. For the domestic , home and hobby user the CATRAHONE Diamond power with V wheel technology is an ideal machine.
This unit is ideal for home sharpening of all types of knives at a cost effective price without any skill to very high levels of sharpness.
This hard-working low-maintenance machine re-tapers both sides of the knife blade simultaneously. Hollow grinding knives on a weekly basis keeps the resistance to cutting at its minimum, which means less muscular strain.

Even experienced knife hands can enjoy the savings in time and effort by being handed a perfectly sharpened knife. A better bottom line, from both savings in the sharpening section and from increased productivity.
Whatever method or machine you are currently using, to take the edge to the ultimate refinement, add a TRUHONE HCF or LCF fitted with HWD polishing wheels and the exclusive cleaning system.
TRUHONE’s total control of the edge angle means that this unit can be set to match the angle at which the knife was ground. Knives are thinned (one side at a time) on the large watercooled stones on each side and edged on the honing wheels in the V-notch on top of the machine.

Low-speed water cooled grinding wheels ensure knife blade is not damaged by excessive heat.
Adjustable knife holding magnets ensure complete control and quick restoration of the original cutting angle.
The diamond-coated elastic blades in SHARPX machines quickly sharpen both sides of a knife simultaneously into a convex shape at the correct angle.

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