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Categories: Ultra Thin Folding Knife | Author: admin 22.09.2013

Australia's leading online shopping hunting knives distributor, including Bear Grylls Knife, Gerber Knives, Winchester and ultimate survival kits from Australia. Over last couple of months I have been preparing for the Sydney Knife Show aka International Cutlers Expo.
And lastly, my friend Shawn Hatcher (Hatcher Knives) is currently running a Good Cause Auction for a very worthwhile cause. I am excited to report that I will be an exhibitor at the Sydney Cutlers Expo – I have finalised my arrangements and you will find me at table 39.

This will be my first show and I am now busy putting together a set of knives to showcase my work.
2013 has been a great year for DP Custom Knives – a year that made me feel like a real knifemaker. This will be my first show and I really don’t know what to expect but I have done my best to prepare a solid table – 9 knives and a few small dashis.
The remainder of my time has been spent on getting a large batch (by my standards) of knives ready for heat treat and on working on my first folder.

Pretty much all blanks are now treated so I will be starting on a few of these knives in the coming week.
Really excited about these as I have been meaning to take a plunge into kitchen knives for quite some time.

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