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When you’re in the great outdoors there are a few essentials that you need to make life easier and help you keep your hunting knife razor sharp so that skinning and cutting stays a hassle free task. Smith’s Pocket Knife SharpenerIt has a ceramic slot for sharpening worn blades and those serrated blades. Smith’s Adjustable Manual Knife SharpenerIt has a coarse and fine surface for sharpening standard knives, as well as a serrated blade sharpener. Sharp ‘n Easy Two Step Knife SharpenerThe rubberized grip gives you great hold on things while the double sided ceramic rods provide you with fine and coarse grinding surfaces that easily sharpen up dull blades.

Work Sharp Knife and Tool SharpenerYou get three abrasive belts (coarse, medium and fine) with this tool that allows you to sharpen, edge and smooth without hassle.
The two stage sharpening system gets to work in no time and sharpens standard knifes to perfection. The large slot in the handle makes mincemeat of sharpening hunting knifes and can be used on scissors and other larger blades. The adjustable knob gives you the option to sharpen your blades at different angles for specific tasks, and the non-slip handle gives you a great grip on things while sharpening your hunting knife.

It delivers a great edge on the blade when you use light pressure, which means sharpening your hunting knife won’t be strenuous.

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