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For those of you who aren’t too keen on survival TV, Naked and Afraid is a show where each episode, two new individuals, one man and one woman, are placed together in the wilderness with only one piece of survival gear each, to survive without clothing using only these items and their personal skills alone.
While Naked and Afraid may not be the right show for those looking to learn useful survival techniques straight from their TV set, the show is definitely valuable in that it aptly addresses the mental stresses and frustrations of being in a survival situation.
Jaclyn is a particularly fascinating individual to have been on the show because, while she is stubborn about staying true to her ethical code by resisting meat during her time in the wilderness, she isn’t deluded about this mission being easy. Subscribe to More Than Just SurvivingNo fancy free e-book or shiny product bribe insentive offered here!
When you havent eaten meat for a couple of years your body stops producing the enzymes needed to digest meat. True, the first few meals will likely be very uncomfortable, but you eventually do regain the ability to process meat – many sources say it takes up to few days or a few meals for your body to get back into it. A friend of mine has had periods of vegetarianism on ethical grounds and I fully support her, although I’m not ever likely to emulate her.
More Than Just Surviving is a survival blog that concentrates on wilderness survival, preparedness, and gear. The average adult human body is made up of 60 percent water and therefore, replenishing water is crucial to survival. Matches would be ideal in this case, since they are a quick and easy method for starting a fire, finding your way through darkness, keeping warm, making an emergency signal through smoke, burning off parasites such as ticks (yes, there are other methods, but when taking desperate measures…), etc. Depending on where you find yourself stranded, staying warm could be very difficult, but it is essential for survival. If you’re one who has a habit of carrying a knife in your pocket wherever you go, you’re on the right track to wilderness survival. Insects can be not only annoying as you are focusing on trying to survive, they could be decreasing your chances of survival due to spread of bacterial and parasitic diseases.
If you injure yourself out on your own in a wilderness environment, you will be vulnerable to infection and illness. Who knows … maybe you’ll enjoy wilderness life so much that you won’t want to return to urbanized society. Independence Day is a time of celebration, but the Fourth of July firework displays can be extremely stressful for pets. Disclosure: One Green Planet accepts advertising, sponsorship, affiliate links and other forms of compensation, which may or may not influence the advertising content, topics or articles written on this site. There are many other benefits to finding and following bodies of water if you’re lost and find yourself in a survival situation. If you absolutely cannot find a high vantage point near you, say because the area is too densely populated with trees that are much too dangerous to climb, you should try getting out of the forest. If you’re lost in the wilderness, chances are high that you will either have a map, or at least a general sense of how to get back to where you came from. Naked and Afraid raises interesting discussion on what it would feel like to be stranded in the wilderness, with only one other person and very little gear, for a full 21 days. That being said, vegans and vegetarians who choose their no-meat lifestyles due to ethical convictions, whether or not we agree with those ethical convictions, should be applauded for sticking to their guns about something they believe in.

If you believe that when life gets nasty, you can lax a little on your ethical code purely for the sake of survival, then you’re going to have a bit of an easier time when you do have to make those tough calls in the face of danger or death. If you like our blog and would like to get emailed whenever we publish a new post, fill in the form below and hit "Subscribe"!
In the woods it would be pretty horrible and in a survival situation it would be just stupid.
I’m referring more to survival situations where you’re stranded for longer, and you’ve already tried finding civilization with no real luck. So, generally, as far as the ethics of the situation goes, I doubt most of the sensible vegans or vegetarians will consider it problematic. I thought your point about the practices by some in the meat and dairy industries was well made. Everyone who has empathy for the Donner party understands the ethical difference between need and want. Run by a two-person husband and wife team, Thomas & Elise Xavier, this blog's mission is to offer a down to earth resource for both survivalists and preppers alike.
We're your online guide to making conscious choices that help people, animals and the planet. Perhaps by minimizing fossil fuel use, buying eco-friendly products, consuming locally grown, organic plant-based foods, and carefully considering daily decisions made at home, we are benefiting the environment.
Be prepared to have a list and description of wild edible foods such as certain flowers and learn how to grow and re-grow plants that you find. We don’t care so much about your pretty smile when you’re out in the wilderness, but we do care about your hygiene and health. If you don’t have matches, sure … use the most cliche survival tactic in the book: find two sticks and rub them together. A knife can be very useful for cutting branches and vines to build shelter, creating other survival tools, and preparing food or finding water sources (e.g. There are many different ways you can create a shelter structure with natural materials depending on the environment you find yourself in. While hybrids are generally the same size and stature as your typical domestic cat, they are the result of selective breeding between domestic cats and wild cats such as Asian leopard cats and African servals. You would think that, being so assertive with humans, she would be the dominant lion in her pride. Luckily, however, there are some hard and fast rules of wilderness survival and navigation that can be followed regardless of whether or not you know exactly where you should go.
Thus, in order to conserve energy, time, and an incredible amount of effort, humans built their homes near bodies of water. Although climbing an incredibly tall tree will give you a nice vantage point, the risk of falling if you’re an inexperienced tree climber is not worth the risk of injury.
Of course there would be even more stress for an individual lost in the wilderness, as there would be no guarantee of rescue even after 21 days, but the show does give a reasonably good overview of the mental difficulties and stressors that arise in these kinds of situations. Though you have no guarantee of surviving anyway, you have even less of a shot if you aren’t willing to bend to accommodate harsh conditions and circumstances.

I agree with you on not eating meat if you’re a vegetarian if you’re only out there for a short while, but when it looks like there’s no choice left, after a week or so, but to eat or starve, that’s where I’d ask whether an individual would put down their moral code for the sake of their own survival. If you anticipate being out in the wilderness, it would be wise to take along an ample supply of superfoods like maca powder, wheatgrass, and spirulina, as well as a sprouting kit in case you need to be able to sustain yourself for a while. You can make a toothbrush by chewing on the ends of a small tree branch to create soft, moist bristles. We can survive in nature because we are a part of nature – just as long as we are prepared!
Humans can’t live more than three days without water, and this 72-hour count drops rapidly the more you perspire and sweat. You may even find domesticated animals grazing in a clearing that turned out to be a field, or find that the clearing was the result of a massive number of trees being sawed down to be used as lumber. As the many episodes of Naked and Afraid seem to suggest, such an experience would involve a hell of a lot of starving and malnutrition: surviving for 21 days in the wilderness is no easy feat. If you find any human footprints, chances are much higher that there is someone who can take you to safety nearby, or that a person may at least pass through the area again sometime soon. As a general rule of thumb, with running water such as rivers and streams, unless you have some sort of evidence that there might be civilization uphill, follow the water downhill. Climbing a steep hill is more likely to be worth the risk, especially if you’re unlikely to slip.
If it’s safe for you to do, explore the areas that surround these human footprints in order to find out whether rescue is closer than you might expect. Travelling downhill will be much easier than travelling uphill, and in survival situations, you should absolutely always preserve as much energy as possible. Certainly do not drink the water without purifying it if you’re only mildly thirsty, as it will likely make you more sick than the hydration is worth, but if worst comes to worst and you simply cannot go on without drinking, at least the water will be readily available for consumption. Always err on the side of caution in survival situations because in survival situations your health is the most important asset you can have. Whatever the case may be, heading for a clearing, so long as it’s not dangerous to get to or too far to travel to, is a good idea. Check out these 10 things you would need if you found yourself closer to nature than you ever expected to be! If you have found a body of water, as mentioned before, you should be travelling downhill alongside it unless there is evidence that there may be people uphill. I know I am still an a**hole for having a computer, driving a car with bugs splattered on the windshield, and peeing behind that restaurant.

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