How to sharpen 440 stainless steel blade, buck knife leather sheath - Review

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Sticking to stones is fine so long as you go with diamond based ones like DMT. They will sharpen pretty much any steel around, as no steel is as hard as diamonds. Bottom line for the present: all those stainless steel knives that have been driving me crazy … can now get an acceptable edge in about 10 seconds!!!!!!!
Stainless Steel knife handles provide strength and durability while using chromium oxide to create a rust-resistant barrier. I once had a 440 stainless knife what would take an edge in an instant … and keep it for a while. Softer abrasives, like aluminium oxide stones or Arkansas stones, are simply not abrasive enough to remove material and form an edge on modern stainless steels.
With diamond stones, use very light pressure, as heavy pressure will cause the diamond layer to strip away (ask me how I know!).
The Spyderco Sharpmaker is a classic for a reason, and in my opinion, a very intuitive system.

I fully recommend this and this as they will really help you put a crazy edge on your blade. But otherwise, for me, it’s pure guess work at whether 5, 10 or 15 minutes will produce a decent blade on any stainless knife (high dollar or cheap). It really can be quite tricky to go from sharpening carbon steel to sharpening newer stainless steels like CPM S110V. Diamond stones can be quite expensive, but it’s is a method that you will be very familiar with going from sharpening carbon steel to stainless steel. Whilst most sandpaper is aluminium oxide based, if you go for silicon carbide, the abrasive is hard enough to grind away even the hardest stainless steel.
I would stick to one continuous angle as belt grinders can hog steel of in little to know time so no need for micro adjustments. It's got sharp jimping on the spine of the blade and finger choil area, a black coated partially serrated blade, and deep carry pocket clip.

But still, after scores of years, I’m a complete novice at putting an edge on a stainless blade. While carbon steels are easily sharpened on standard Arkansas stones, newer stainless steels frequently have high carbide forming allies like vanadium thrown in the mix, making them much more difficult to sharpen. The speed at which you can sharpen a knife will really astound you, and if you’re interested, you may also be able to make your money back on the grinder by sharpening knives professionally on the side.
The learning curve isn’t steep, though, you can definitely manage to put on a nice edge, even without much experience, though it will take a lot more of a time investment than if you were using a Sharpmaker (which would only take about 5-10 minutes).

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