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While high security windows and doors are a good thing, a burglar-resistant screen door is a more important layer of physical defense. Double Barrel Joe Biden is right about one thing: a long gun is the best firearm for home defense. I have knives around, and the likelihood of home invasion isn’t all that high where I live. The point of my bars is to funnel any would be intruder to an area that is suitable for my defense of my home. Home defense tactics are a huge concern when looking at  SHTF scenarios and what kind of home security you need.
But home security systems and home security cameras can get expensive, and they can leave a lot to be desired when if comes to actually defending yourself, family, preps, and home.
In my opinion, the best self defense weapon is not allowing any unwanted visitors enter your home in the first place. Of course, you’ll want plenty of back up plans in case an intruder were to make it past your first line of defense. In this list, we give you a mixture of preventative home defense tactics as well as home defense weapons and security measures for an emergency situation. To find out the 3 critical items you MUST have to stop a deadly home invasion, click here now.

Using the remote control camera, you can create a remote firing gun system for home security!
This super hidden safe offers the security of a more traditional safe with the added benefit of being stealthily hidden.
The basic and primary protection of your home or business office, are your door and window locks.
There are times when you will need to hand your keys to someone else such as when there is a need for home maintenance and repair. Aside from obliviousness, locking-up their house makes them feel like a prisoner in their own home.
I don’t see the need to spend big bucks on security systems with eight zones, interior motion sensors, wifi to your iPhone and a direct line to the local SWAT team. The keys used in high security locks are usually patented as well as can only be duplicated by authorized professionals such as locksmiths. Locksmiths are not the only people skilled in picking locks, there are also the burglars, who unlike locksmiths, prefer to use their skills to invade your home. However, try not to put all your efforts and focus on them that you end up neglecting your home’s basic and physical security. Just remember that the most important security layers are the ones tripped before you’re in the position where you have to use your gun.

Believe it or not, you can make your own wireless home security system for about $10 with a few simple hacks to a prepaid cellphone.
We fail to take into consideration that the simple locks are the physical security that protects our homes and offices at the most basic level. To make your doors and windows more secured, replace your simple locks with high security locks.
Before you plan the installation of high tech home security systems, first make sure your home has high security locks. While doors that possess knob locks or low quality deadbolts can easily be opened by physical attacks, burglars will find doors with high security locks discouraging. Conceptualized by Omni Consumer Products and developed by Security Concepts, the Sentrybot sports a patented Solid-Plasma compact weapon, which coupled with the Intruder Recognition software should be good enough to keep the bad guys at bay.

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