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Over the last two years thousands of law abiding American citizens purchased tactical rifles of all makes and models; however, the basic M4 style (US Military Type) was the most prevalent. Attach a front fore grip.  It enables the shooter to pull the rifle tightly into the shoulder.
These attachments can greatly enhance the accuracy as well as the usability of your M4 type rifle, and thereby increase its viability as a home defense option. This stabilizes the rifle and provides a solid base from which to deliver fast accurate shots at “Close Quarter Combat” (“CQB”) distances (0’ – 21’), and at the same time, it provides a great location to attach additional personal defense options such as a flashlight and light activation switch. This point of contact allows the rifle to hang down, and this frees the shooters hands to address a situation, and at the same time it allow the shooter to quickly access the rifle, if that particular situations escalates to justify an armed response. This accessory gives  the shooter the ability to quickly attach and detach a sling from the rifle.

If your focus is home protection, you only need tools that enable you to easily maneuver and get fast, accurate, multiple hits on an assailant(s) at close distances and under low light or no light conditions, because anything else just increases weight and cost.    Attach a quick target acquisition sighting system. This light back-splash can eliminate all your night vision and also make it difficult to aim the rifle at your attacker. Furthermore, if you attach your primary flashlight above the barrel of your rifle, when you are forced to you’re the flashlight at night, the light will be reflected off the rising smoke coming out the end of the barrel, this will also eliminate your night vision and make it difficult to aim the rifle. A friend of mine who was highly trained in the military brought this to my attention, and after I experimented with it, I discovered he was correct, so I now position my primary flashlight under the barrel of my rifle. This is known as “Close Quarter Combat” (“CQB”) distance, so a seven yard sight in distance is applicable for a home defensive situation.
With all three of these sighting options in your defensive arsenal, you are assured of delivering quick accurate hits on an assailant(s).

This gives you the option of shorting or extending the overall length of the rifle in seconds.
The AR depicted is thirty-five inches long, and a shortened rifle stock can reduce its overall length to about thirty-two inches for enhanced residential maneuverability. The extended overall length might be more advantageous outside for longer distance applications, while shortening the overall length enables the operator to easily handle the rifle in the close confines of a residence.

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