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Those of you who nominated the Ripstop and the Ripstop II all said similar things: The knife is amazing for the money.
There were more than a few of you who boosted this knife in the call for contenders thread. Some knives also come with carabiner clips integrated into the handles or other methods of attaching the knife to a pocket or whatever. If you're buying a knife to carry, then being able to carry it conveniently, securely and discreetly is the single most important feature. The hinge and locking mechanism is where knife makers try to differentiate themselves from one another.
Cops will often use a visible knife as a excuse to stop and search you or, if they stop you for other reasons, as justification to detain or arrest you. Hawkbill: These days, you'll most often see these on Karambit-style fighting knives, but they used to be used for cutting cordage and harvesting plants. Sheep's Foot: The blunt point makes these a great option for rescue blades (you won't stab someone as you cut their seatbelt or clothes off) or for dive knifes.
Spey-Point: Designed to spey animals (seriously), this shape is now found on folding knives sold to hunters and is great for skinning.
A good bulk of the weight comes from the solid stainless steel framelock: a worthy sacrifice of lightness, as the lock up is fantastic. When Elise snapped these pictures of the Kershaw Emerson CQC-6K, the centering on the knife was off.
As you naturally deploy the knife from its position hanging in your pocket, the hook catches on the pocket lip, opening the blade with lightning speed. It should be noted that it does take a little bit of practice to withdraw the knife at the right angle, and you will need to pull the knife out relatively aggressively if you want the lock to engage solidly, but in my experience, it only takes a few minutes of practice to have the Emerson Wave withdrawal down to a fine art.
The Kershaw Emerson CQC-6K is a game changer in the knife industry, not just because of who designed it or the frankly ridiculous low price, but because it really is the whole package as far as EDC knives go. The funny hting was I was just talking with a coworker about knives and showed off my much loved Spyderco Street Beat when I got this on a break. Like you,I have several knives and usually I buy min $120 knives with my priciest being my ZT0560, a beautiful machined knife using the absolute latest in technology and materials and honestly this cheaper model feels even more solid.
The exterior dimensions of the knife when it is in the closed position.  We think slimmer is better, especially for pocket carry.
Yes, carrying your EDC knife in a pouch on your belt is possible, but we’re not really into that look. The majority of the knife world is pretty much in general consensus that a non-serrated blade is best for everyday carry.  Some may disagree, as their everyday tasks may include cutting rope and such. Talking about the variety of different locking methods out there is a lot like trying to argue about which American muscle car is the best. You want to find a knife maker with a solid warranty, as there are some truly amazing ones out there. For $8000 it had better have a blade forged from the nails used to crucify Jesus on the holy cross, and with a handle hand carved from a Unicorn’s hard-on by Zeus himself!!! 4) This might be a bit much for an introduction to pocket knives, but I feel it would be prudent to at least mention that the blade’s geometry is at least as important as its material for determining its cutting ability.
I feel like you should look at a bunch of different knives, and then cross every knife off of your list that doesn’t sit in your pocket with the point of the blade oriented upwards.
I completely agree, but a lot of manufacturers are starting to put holes on either end of the knife so that you’re able to switch the location easily. While it’s not for everyone, a fixed blade in a pocket sheath can be a viable option. That seems to be an amazing introduction about the best folding knife or you can call them pocket knife too. Some states and countries have restrictions against specific blade sizes, only allow you to carry utility knives but not locking blades, and so on. You almost universally praised the strength of the steel, how long Emerson blades in general hold their edge, and the versatility and durability of the knife.

But, its clips leave a half inch or so of the handle and folded blade protruding above your pocket.
This will sound counterintuitive to the uninitiated, but locking blades (that typically come with big, scary-looking knives) are actually designed to be safer than their non-locking cousins (think Swiss Army Knife). No folding knife will ever be as strong as a fixed blade, but different locking mechanisms can be stronger or easier to use than others. Avoid unless you're a police officer or someone who actually needs a dedicated knife only for last-ditch defense. That being said, in hand this knife is so well put together that the weight almost makes me feel like quality is behind that heft.
One of the best looking blades in my entire collection, competing with knives at every price range. There’s also those little Emerson detail touches, like the Emerson skull on the pocket clip, all really bringing home how much care went into this extremely underpriced folder.
I would say it’s possibly one of the most acute on the market taking into account how beefy the overall knife is. Its a thoroughly genius, elegant deployment system that has no moving parts or spring, and yet reliably works using the natural motion of withdrawing your knife from your pocket. I absolutely love this knife and would argue that, from what I know, this blade beats pretty much every entry- and mid-level knife available in production from absolutely any manufacturer.
Its not bad by any means and certainly better than the FRN on my more expensiveMini Grip but just compared to the rest of this perfect knife it could be a smidge better, yes I am being anal. As we noted above, if you’re using a knife in these situations you should likely upgrade to a work knife with a serrated edge, not an EDC pocket knife. But EDC pocket knives can be like pocket jewelry, while still being entirely functional, let your taste and preference guide you.  A non-threatening look will allow your tool to be carried in an office or in a public space without upsetting your sensitive coworkers. He’s contributed to the lost art of manly moustaches, and earned a reputation for reviews that keep our core carry nuts learning. It can save people a few bucks and make them not disregard excellent knives like Opinel, Victorinox and Laguiole simply because they’re not made of some trendy diamondillium. That’s unfortunate, as the width of the sheath keeps the knife handle oriented quite nicely in my pocket. The blade is a drop-point, which makes it great for cutting and slicing, like carving a pattern out of thick paper or tracing a shallow cut in a piece of wood.
But, the blades in them tend to be made from cheap steel, the way they fold out of the handle makes it hard to take advantage of the blade's full length, accessing the knife is typically a slow, two-handed job and the handle probably won't provide either a secure purchase or comfortable, variable grip.
Together, that load out fits in my right jeans pocket comfortably, giving me both the ability to effect quick repairs to virtually anything, and also to quickly deploy a strong, ergonomically ideal knife in just a couple seconds. At $50, it's not super cheap, but it's made with a better steel than most other knives in the company's lineup. Every major knife manufacturer has its own, patented locking mechanism and claims its is best.
I recently reviewed the CRKT Ripple, and while that has a more needle-like point, the Kershaw Emerson CQC-6K, with its combination of toughness and leanness in all the right places, would make a more effective tactical knife in pretty much all aspects.
While I do wish this knife had the same backspacer as the Kershaw Volt, it would clash with the overall Emerson styling, so I’m not all that disappointed. I really cannot emphasize how good of a buy this is more than to say it’s almost constantly out of stock these days. The main similarities are the clip point blade shape with a swaged spine and the pronounced handle choil both of which I find to be great features on a smaller tactical knife.
I prefer the handle weighted balance also,falling on the choil, because ,should I ungrip, the knife stays put rather than falling out, plus it makes for a faster cutting edge in a defensive situation.
Being a bike and knife nut I have spent days studying and trying out various oils,waxes and greases and this stuff really is superior.
In fact, a knife (or cutting blade) is the first ever tool made by humans, evidenced by stone versions that are over 2.5 million years old. Any longer and you’re in a different category of knife, any shorter and the knife is more or less useless.

A simple sharp blade should be all you need for an EDC pocket knife, allowing you to make clean precise cuts.
Though some knives under $20 may not have these awesome warranties, it wouldn’t be an inexpensive replacement fee if anything were to happen. Depending on your bank account, you might not be too upset if you lose a $25 knife, but maybe you’re in the $15 club.
It’s not terribly different to draw the knife than it is drawing a folder clipped to your pocket.
Also, like Slaador said, including the Axis lock in that section would probably be a good idea.
For those of you not sure why you would want a utility knife at all, this great post from Indefinitely Wild offers some solid reasoning worth reading. The handle and the body are both steel, with a tarnish-resistant titanium carbo-nitride coating on the exterior for texture and to protect it from wear and tear. All models are folding clip knives with a lightweight steel web handle, with fewer places for the folding mechanism to get gunked up with lint, dirt, or anything else.
The benefits of your knife's blade not closing on your soft, fleshy parts should be obvious. Whether it be a frame lock, compression lock, arc lock, axis lock or whatever, it's reasonably safe to assume that anything made by a quality manufacturer like SOG, Spyderco, Benchmade, Cold Steel et al will get the job done, but pay particular attention to lock mechanisms when reading knife reviews or handling them in a store.
Here's a breakdown of knife laws by state, they're obtuse and often open to interpretation both by the cops and the courts. Emerson went all out with the design; just as though they were manufacturing the knife themselves.
This is one of the few Chinese made knives I can see being a collectible in the future, and I know I’m probably going to end up purchasing at least half a dozen more of them myself. Have a ruler handy if you’re looking to pick up a knife online, as the product photos can sometimes be a bit misleading for accurate scale. We’ve found that the Thumb Stud and the Nail Nick seem to be reliable methods of blade opening, while keeping the profile slim for in-pocket carry. Though they’ll be pretty heartbroken, others may find the risk of carrying a $300+ pocket knife is a risk which is balanced out by its benefits. The only place I can practice throwing is in my flat and the small size of that knife is perfect for me. That means you'll need a deep, secure pocket to carry it in or, better yet, a cargo pocket or dedicated slot in an organizer pouch. For example, while 30+ layer Damascus steel is great-looking and highly desirable for pocket blades, it is very expensive due to its complex manufacturing. Generally speaking, the more you spend, the higher quality you’ll get, as the knife market is extremely cut-throat (bad pun) and competitive in the pricing.
Today’s society immediately connects the idea of a knife with a threatening weapon rather than a tool. Some are more discreet than others, while others leave a considerable amount of the knife visible. Lastly, you really don’t need an expensive knife because should you be ina situation where you have to use it on another person, that knife will be gone.
In-pocket carry is great for stealthily carrying in a public setting, except you may have to dig around in your pockets for it. You don’t need a $300 super knife ofr defense when ultimately,chances are, its a use once and dispose situation.

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