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The token tool carried by boy scouts and mountain men the world over, a pocket knife is a useful device to have whether in a city or outdoors. As the only knife that expert craftsman Joel Bukiewicz of Cut Brooklyn carries on a daily basis, the Opinel knife's simple design incorporates a thin carbon steel blade that "holds a great edge" and a twist lock to hold the blade in place once opened. Fit for any weathered mariner, CXXVI's Marlin Spike knife carries a 440 stainless sheepsfoot blade and a sturdy marlin spike—used in untying knots or splitting rope. A personal favorite as far as traditional knives go, Robert Enders custom made Toothpick is the quintessential pocket knife. The same classic style of your father's pocket knife from one of the most trusted names in modern knife making, Gerber's Stockman follows the same bone handle path as most classic knives. From the downright beautiful to the purpose-built, a good knife is an essential part of anyone's kit—whether camping in the bush or getting chores done around the house. From gluten-free sorbet bars to ice cream for dogs, we're always on the look out for new ideas within the realm of frozen treats.

With the holy trinity of male essentials (phone, keys, wallet) bulging pockets already, adding anything to the roster is tough. With a woven, plastic-thatched seat and wooden sliding arms, the traditional campsite folding chair is one of the more nostalgic pieces of outdoor furniture. Used by shepherds, farmers and artisans in the French Alps since 1890, this basic knife is one of the great designs of the last hundred years. For a bit of flair, the bone handle is etched by hand in Maine with iconic scrimshaw artistry in the same fashion sailors have favored for centuries. The hefty knife features two highly polished blades set in similarly polished stainless double bolsters. The etched bolsters add a more ornate styling to set it apart, and each piece is so superbly lightweight you may forget it's even in your pocket.
To that end, having a pocket knife may not be very fashion forward but its usefulness is undeniable.

Below are five traditionally-styled folding knives that will help in quick bike emergency or get you through your next hiking expedition.
Aside from the intricate design, the four and one half-inch long knife also has a thick chain-loop for fastening to your belt or keychain. At less than four inches long when closed, the Trapper sells for $295 from Arizona Custom Knives.

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