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If you have never used a Front pocket wallet or a money clip like this you will both Love it for its efficiency and how it protects your lower back. It seems that we get emails from product designers on a daily basis promoting the next best minimalist wallet. Not to mention the fact that our “can’t leave home without ‘em” smartphones have eliminated the need for a lot of the stuff that used to clutter up our wallets from coupons to photos.So you’ve decided it’s about time you invest into a streamlined, minimalist wallet for yourself, but you have no idea where to start. We’ve got a little bit of everything, from wooden constructed wallets to simple leather card holders. After hitting a home run with the first version, Elliot decided it was time to introduce a new and improved version using the feedback from customers.

Still sporting the same minimalistic styling from the first go around, the Dash 2.0 is made from a blend of leather and elastic, and includes that handy quickdraw slot to use your “most used” card without ever removing it from the wallet itself. This front pocket wallet is made from a single piece of stainless steel, and includes a outer clips for holding up to 4 cards, along with an inner slot for carrying cash. The wallet was designed to carry well over 10 cards thanks to the leather and elastic construction, and the easy-access thumb feature is a nice bonus. Handmade by the Canadian team at Alto Longboards, each wallet is essentially a single piece of bamboo, walnut, maple, or other exotic wood that has been outfitted with a nitrile band for holding on to your cash and cards. This slender wallet uses an aluminum plate to shield you from RFID skimming, has room for up to 6 cards, and the hidden slots are perfect for your spare key.

Omega is made from two pieces of titanium (or aluminum) that are held together with four EPDM rubber o-rings.
It’s capable of toting up to 10 cards and cash, and the thumb slot doubles as a bottle opener for popping open cold ones.

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