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DescriptionRCMOLLESHEATHOD: Versatile Cordura MOLLE SheathESEE Knives This sheath is designed to fit the ESEE-5 knife. Sheath has ACU pattern (green) with belt loop for vertical or horizontal storage of folding knifes. The knife is manufactured by Lionsteel in Maniago, Italy – a company known for high end offerings like the SR1. This sheath features Cordura construction, an accessory pocket with Fastex buckle, heavy-duty MOLLE strap, double snap retention, removable leg strap, molded blade liner and belt carry compatibility.Includes molded liner, accessory pocket, double retention straps, leg strap and belt carry capable. I spent a good amount of time going over the intended use of this knife in the video, and I think it’s worth mentioning again here. The 6mm thick blade doesn’t make for the best slicer or the lightest backpacking knife, but it ensures that it will hold up against the demanding situations often thrust upon soldiers.

One of the first features people will notice is the run of serrations along the spine of the knife. The bolts are easy to take down with a multi-tool or coin, and you can lash the knife to a piece of wood for a spear, or store small pieces of survival equipment in the hollow handle.
The knife is well balanced, and the fat handle is extremely nice; providing excellent grip and a comfortable purchase. All things considered I like how the Ursa 6 feels in hand.SheathThe Ursa 6 comes equipped with a full featured cordura sheath. There is a good sized pocket on the front of the sheath for a sharpening stone or whatever else you want to cram into it.
I like this style of retention strap because it is made of thick plastic that can be bent out of the way, and also will resist abrasion if you do happen to nick it when you withdraw the knife from the sheath.

Under this policy the knife is protected against loss, breakage, defects, theft or any other issues for 2 years (and additional coverage can be purchased).
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