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Presented here are 20 unique folded business card template designs.  Most of the designs you can see on the market revolves around a plain rectangle sized card folded in half. This folding card design makes perfect sense and might be the best use of its folded design.
Great use of the folding concept to create this memorable and highly relevant business card for a dentist.
Here is another example of a beautiful triple fold business card design.  The design match the business 100% and is a great way to start a conversation.
A folded business card that can be transform into an mini gallery or art stand.  Perfect for art gallery businesses who want to show a little bit more creativity. The extent of Apple's merchandising may have just hit new heights with this Apple business card. As cool as the Apple business card is from Apple's perspective, it can also hold great value for entrepreneurs or professionals trying to make a memorable first impression.

This business card is also attractive because you're subtly aligning your own personal brand with the staples of the Apple brand, which in most cases is beneficial. If you have one of these cards, you can actually fold them into a 3D object as shown in the image above.
The card is not only folded but has non symmetrical sides, making the whole concept very unique.
When unfold, the card becomes a mini tennis court to show users what the business is all about. The whole design is also very minimal, allowing the focus to be on the colors and the name on the card.
Rather than folding in half, it only allows the middle portion of the card to be folded, which creates a nice swinging effect.
While Apple is already a world leader in technology with its roster of gadgets, phones, computers, laptops and accessories, this Apple business card is a brand new idea for the company.

Hence we round up a handful of interesting and innovative folded card designs for you to draw reference and to know what is actually possible. I liked using a noticeable feature, like the tail of the cat, to make the entire business card look more interesting. He or she pulls out their glossy, flat, traditional business card and you pull out the Apple business card, make two quick folds and voila, get ready to receive an intrigued look in return.

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