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I was lucky enough to be invited to attend an introductory class, with a friend, courtesy of Self Defence Hub. While the class was held in a martial arts centre, and instructed by a fifth Dan black belt, it was not at all intimidating to someone uncoordinated and completely bamboozled by the terminology used by martial arts fanatics. Andre's method of teaching self-defence is practical and engaging, and doesn't induce a heightened sense of fear of street confrontations. I enjoyed the experience and now feel much more confident in defending myself, even though it was only one session. For the more committed, there are four week courses run by Andre, which cover other defence techniques such as how to defend yourself if you are on the floor.
Integrated Combat Systems runs a three-hour Women’s Self Protection course, designed for females 14 years and older.

Proactive Self Defence runs two-hour workshops for women in personal security, self defence, anti-rape and weapon defence. Taught by Andre, a woman with a kick-ass sense of humour, the class equips you with some basic techniques in getting yourself out of a potentially dangerous situation. Their next beginner’s course (Defending Common Assaults) consists of six 75-minute sessions in prevention and awareness, mental preparation and aggression, risk assessment and common problems, strikes and movement, defences against grabs, defences against chokes, and scenario and stress testing. The Brazilian Jui Jitsu training centre will be teaching women simple and effective ways of defending against attack. It is certainly worth having a basic understanding of how to avoid or defend yourself in situations involving a random attack, even though this comprises a minority of cases. In this class you’ll learn basic self-defence moves, safe ways to train and handle equipment, and get a taste of Guardian Defence’s teaching style should you wish to continue training with them.

You can attend classes at the Proactive Academy in Thomastown or organise PSD to come to your home, school, gym or work.
Proactive also runs a women-only Chick Boxing class every Thursday, with a free introductory class.

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