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While most Bug Out Bags, Get Home Bags, and 72 hour kits that you read about focus on long-term survival, there’s one area that’s often overlooked. Among the survival supplies, small med kit & my trusty glock, I carry other supplies essential to my job. People often go overboard on their EDC bag, forgetting it’s an Every Day Carry, they turn it into a BOB bag by overloading with survival supplies. I don’t think everyday carry, or EDC, is or necessarily should be associated with survival gear or bug out paraphernalia.

My personal vehicle is equipped with both wilderness and urban survival items, yet I don’t carry any of those types of items on my person. Better to avoid the threat in the first place and build relationships with the people you’ll need to work with to survive long term like a doctor, a farmer, someone skilled in living off the land and someone who can knit clothes from wool. With a little thought you can keep it flat and wear it without anyone knowing, Also for a small cheap knife check out the 10 cent survival knife you can make from a hacksaw blade,and it will fit in the belt, just cover it with duct tape. What goes into your EDC will depend on your unique survival needs, but in general, it should contain basic supplies that will hold you over and provide protection until you can safely make your way back to your main stockpile of survival goods.

Sitting around waiting for one fish to bite one line is very unproductive when it comes to survival.

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