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And to ensure the company's customers in the United Arab Emirates survived a long drive into the desert, it created this handy survival guide that can even be eaten when food is scarce.
But you might want to take a few minutes and read through it thoroughly first, since it's actually chock full of useful survival tips for finding food, water, shelter, and possibly even a way back to the nearest Land Rover dealership. Over the years, we've shared a ton of tips for keeping yourself safe and healthy during an emergency. Okay, so these hacks aren't exclusive to zombie-related emergencies, but let's be honest: it's the one disaster we all know is inevitable.

The above tips will get you by, but we all know the people that last the longest during the apocalypse will be the ones that had a plan.
You can use Google Voice to dial multiple family members at once, or use a service like I'm OK to quickly notify a group of people that you've survived the most recent disaster.
Cayenne pepper can quickly stop large cuts from bleeding, and you can make emergency bandages out of tree fungus. You can make an emergency fire starter out of a t-shirt, or, if you don't want to waste your clothes, a few egg cartons and drier lint.

Make sure your home is emergency-ready with a 72-hour disaster kit, and when it's time to hit the road, make sure you can fit a few survival items in an Altoids tin or in an old wristwatch. Learn to recognize the signs of drowning so you can save others when the time comes, and if you've made it to the cold winter months, you'll definitely want to know how to survive a fall through ice.

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