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They have already acquired over 4,000 independent Damsel Pros, and are still growing at a rapid pace. Some of the products offered within this company catalog are stun guns (tasers), pepper spray, mobile security solutions, and even emergency roadside auto products (Hermergency).
Another cool reason that motivates women to carry self-products like this around is that these specific products have a fashionable design and are more socially acceptable.
If you choose to host a party you can get protection perks meaning that you will receive free credits towards the purchase of discounted products based on how much volume in sales your personal party produces.

Damsel in Defense can be considered a great company with a lucrative comp plan for the reps that completely take advantage of what is on the table. The goal is to provide self-defense products and self-defense education to women who may otherwise feel intimidated to purchase such items or not have the training on how to comfortably use it. The products and fast growing representative base have caught the attention of affiliate newscasts like NBC, CBS, New York Times, and FOX which helped solidify the company’s credibility and sparked new momentum with more product parties. This company will compensate independent reps through commissions as they make product sales or have a team that also makes product sales.

If you choose to join Damsel in Defense, make sure to discover how to become a top producer.

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