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My €99 Fixed Blades feature both machine and hand-ground knives of exceptional value and performance. Because Using Knives are what I like best, I developed a new category of fixed blade I call Crossover Knives which are as at home in the kitchen as they are on the belt for hiking, hunting or camping.
For military or field operations I designed the Basic Field Knife while The Thorn Series has been in constant development for the last decade. Here are my two newest fixed blades: Say "Hi" to the Mytuko Cobalt (top) and the Mini Thorn Nova!

All Basic Field Knives now ship with a made in USA Spec-ops Combat Master Mini Sheath as standard. Both Ryback and Mytuko Series combine functional design, rational manufacturing and attention to detail to offer top quality knives for daily use and enjoyment. So in order to make a superior knife at a reasonable price, I developed a network of vendors in Europe capable of machine grinding blanks I make in my shop. Viktor Baerwald here in Germany makes an excellent slip sheath to let you carry these knives wherever you'd like to take 'em.

Most of the fixed blades I sell are machine ground, however an awful lot of old fashioned handwork still goes into every knife. Whether you are looking for a budget folding pocket knife, a high quality specialist skinning knife, or even a kit, blade or scales to make your own we have many top brands such as Marttiini, Gerber, Helle, Kershaw, Buck and many more.

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