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After the great success of our first customized Kalinga Pros with stone spacers, we had many requests for simple stag, and so we are happy to offer this Genuine India Sambar stag Kalinga Pro. The all new Darkangel 900 from Steel Will Knives features a 5.83-inch blade made from N690Co steel that is both corrosion resistant and simple to sharpen. Spartan Blades has four proven winners that are absolutely perfect for members of the law enforcement and tactical communities. Hogue's three new automatic folding knives are spring-loaded versions of the company's EX-01, EX-03 and EX-04 Tactical Folding Knives. To display the amount of work that goes into each of his knives, the following exert was taken from Dr.
This knife deserves to be in a museum, not every day can you have an opportunity to add a museum quality art knife to your collection.

Our goal is to offer quality professional custom creations that are artistically unique as well as usable.
Since each knife is custom made to order, a wide selection of handle material is available, including domestic and exotic hardwoods, mammoth ivory, elk antler, buffalo horn, and bone. Wayne Fears signature blade by Pro-Tool is like your favorite hunting buddy you can’t hunt without him! Each one will come with a signed certificate of authenticity from ePrague certifying that it was customized by ePrague. It features a BOS S30V steel blade with matched Genuine India Sambar Stag handles, with black spacers between the handle, and tang. Furthermore, the blade has been differentially hardened, with the back of the blade and tang less hard than the cutting edge.

When positioned on the belt, the sheath-contained knife rides just a few inches below the waistline. We are pleased to offer these knives to our loyal Buck customers, and thank you for your patronage throughout the years. They might work well as a skinner, but the abbreviated blade length makes the design less than adequate for general field dressing and boning. And from this humble beginning, Mike’s knife-making passion grew from a hobby to a full-time business.

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