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Coin was the first smart card that aimed to replace all of the credit cards in your wallet, but the company ran into manufacturing issues and despite its unveiling in November 2013, the device still hasn’t begun shipping. Stratos on Thursday announced that its new programmable smart card has begun shipping to users who preordered the device beginning last month. Also of note, Stratos claims its card will work anywhere and everywhere that accepts standard credit cards. A new kind of thievery or, at least, potential for fraud is on the rise: Criminals who can steal your credit card data by walking by you with electronic scanners, maybe even with their mobile phones.

The new threat exists because of the radio-frequency identification chips (RFID) or Near Field Communication (NFC) chips that are starting to be embedded in credit and debit cards. If you have two cards with RFID chips in your wallet, the scanner can't read them because they confuse the information and cancel each other out. If you're still worried about getting ripped off by someone invading your space with a notepad-like scanner, here's a tried-and-true precautionary move: Put a piece of aluminum foil in your wallet.
Most other people, however, would requires some semblance of tools, and the Tactical Credit Card AX is as cool as they come.

It’s a flat piece of metal that can fit in a wallet, and yet can be attached to a piece of wood and turned into a makeshift axe. It's not as easy for electronic pickpockets to get your wallet, however, as simply bumping into you, the Wall Street Journal's MarketWatch explains.

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