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Categories: Credit Card Sized Gadgets | Author: admin 14.11.2014

This means it is also an alternative for parents who don’t want their children to have a smartphone, or as a phone designed for travelling. There are those who want the most sophisticated phone to make calls and those who can survive with the ability of messaging and calling. The features of the Card phone include 500 contact support, clock, calculator, and a similarly shaped charging adapter.
For the latter kind, we have this exciting CM1 Card phone that’s pretty much the same size of a credit card.

That's why I am seriously excited for this credit-card-sized backup phone that you could slip into your wallet just in case. It takes a micro-SIM card, so you can swap in your smartphone SIM, or it also pairs to your main phone via Bluetooth to make a receive calls on a reasonably-sized screen, although that probably nukes the batter life. The device works as a standalone feature phone, and connects to smart devices via Bluetooth so it can be used as a backup phone, or used when travellingCalled Talkase, the $69 (?42) device has 100 hours of standby time and 2.5 hours of talk time, works as a standalone device, and connects to other devices via Bluetooth.
The quad-band GSM device weighs an astonishing 38 grams, and can cram itself in the card slot of your wallet or an elaborate card holder.

Overall, it looks like a decent solution for travellers, or stupid, lazy idiots like myself who frequently leave home with their phones on one percent because they like to live dangerously.

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