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Although it uses the low-power consuming LED technology, this credit card-sized pocket flashlight features 230 lumens and is powered by twin power chip LEDs with dual wide angle flood lens and a built-in Li-Pol rechargeable battery.
Iain Sinclair EON Classic Flashlight is the size of a credit card and easily fits in a wallet or pocket. BrightGuy, Inc is a major supplier of flashlights for firefighters, police, industry and outdoor sports.

EON® Extreme floodlight has been updated with hyperbright power chip LEDs together with powerful Lithium-ion rechargeable battery providing 300 Lumens of flood light in a credit card sized footprint and weighing only 45 grams. The Eon-C classic credit card sized flashlight by Iain Sinclair is ultra-thin and has a very finished and refined look.

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