Credit card knife for sale, vintage pocket knives values - Review

Categories: Swiss Army Credit Card Knife | Author: admin 17.11.2013

If there was ever a challenge, Let's-Make-a-Deal style, where the chefs had to make a meal using tools only in their pockets or purses, whomever has this Cardsharp Utility Knife will be cool as a cucumber.
The Cardsharp Knife is an innovative new idea from Iain Sinclair that provides a light and ultra sharp knife in the shape and size of a credit card. A POLICE insider has warned the latest weapon to hit UK streets could be the deadliest yet because it is almost impossible for officers to find. FORMER Made In Chelsea star Kimberley Garner has left us speechless after posing for her sexiest shoot yet.

We've been horrified and amazed by the CardSharp once before (in its first iteration), but the CardSharp 4 has a number of improvements. The knife is attached to a hinge that swings out, and the "card" portion turns into the knife's handle.
When folded up, the knife includes a locking mechanism to protect you from the blade and a protective sheath to protect the blade from you. Unfortunately, the material upgrades seem to have brought the price up too, since the CardSharp used to be $23 and is now $90 .

Congratulations Cardsharp-owning-chef, you are America's Most Talented, Next Great, Amazing, Survivor Chef!

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