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According to ThinKing website this product has a unique, patented construction and it can hold up to four cards securely inside.
For a minute, I thought that this might even work as minimalistic wallet on everyday life, but if you need driver’s license, credit cards for personal and shared account, loyalty cards for two main chains in Finland, you already have five cards that must be stored somewhere.
Still nice idea and probably good for sports, when you can leave some of your regular cards out from wallet.
The bank or the company that issues the card to the holder a line of credit from which the card holder can borrow money as per the limit and pay for the goods and services.
The Card Drive offers full-color printing and the largest imprint area of any USB drive on the market. There is a short description of the ThinKing credit card holder in the backside of the box, both in Finnish and in English.

Although the inner material of ThinKing keeps credit cards in place, it’s not difficult to get them out either. Being both lightweight and slim it is easy to carry in any pocket or purse“, is said in ThinKing website, and I totally agree. So, I came up with the idea of getting rid of most of the cards and carrying only those I really need. If you prefer having like 12 cards with you all the time, then ThinKing is clearly not for you. In couple of minutes I’ll take my ThinKing credit card holder and Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses, and will head to the bar.
Now I have three credit and bank account cards in my ThinKing, and I’m happy with it.

I believe this is the very best credit card holder for skiers, snowboarders, surfers and other action sports enthusiastics. I prefer having only the minimum amount of cards with me, all packed inside ThinKing credit card holder. Our FotoFiles nail files hold patents for laminating images or full-color customized information underneath the abrasive.

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