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After looking back on the days where I lived in a dorm, I started to remember some of the items I kept in my survival kit that made life in college a little bit easier. According to The Prospect Staff in “Tp’s college survival kit: 10 things you will actually need,” from July 11, 2013, “This will be the realest of the real college survival kit that is jam-packed with items you might never think of. In an effort to keep it real with incoming college students, this survival kit offers items that you may not have thought of before. Entering your first year of college is scary enough, which is why having a sense of humor and using comic relief will help you de-stress during tough times. While there are many, many other items you should keep in your college survival kit, the ones listed definitely will help make your life a little bit easier. Our bold interior design products are meant to inspire college students—and feature bright colors, modern patterns, and, of course, tons of style.
From twin xl bedding to wall art to sorority apparel, our products aim to add sophisticated style to those in college and beyond. Made from an 80-page sketch pad, Doodle Book Frame is another ideal gift for teenagers this Christmas.

Another ideal gift for teenagers for 2013, since they just love going to camps and cross-country plane flights.
This hands-free 5-megapixel camera is perfect gift for teenagers this Christmas as it is fun to use.
Love this page, my daughter is currently attending a college near home but is transferring in the fall, so she will be moving into an apartment with three other girls.
Filled with tips and advice for school and life, the hottest online & technology trends on campus, contests, special promotions and more!
Teenagers’ liking for taking photos makes camera a perfect gift for them during the holiday season. This kit includes essential things that are perfect for university scholars, such as a shower tote, first-aid kit, and a laundry cheat sheet. Memorex 8.4” Swiveling Widescreen Portable DVD Player is an ideal gift for teenagers this Christmas because it goes way beyond the basic portable DVD players sold in stores.
My cousin just left for college I should make her one of these baskets… all things she could always use!

This is a quick fix for when you spill coffee on your shirt right as you’re leaving for class. Mom’s can sleep well knowing that their college kids have everything they need to avoid (or deal with!) any disaster, well, at least as much as what fits in a college care package. That is the reason why during Christmas season, it normally takes a while for parents to identify which gifts to give to their teenage children. Since teenagers would certainly not want to get something that feels a little old school such as an engraved necklace or ring for Christmas, give them a pair of Sound Style headphones that are magnificently adorned with Swarovski crystals. But the best thing about this kit that will surely make every teenager want to grab it is the Domino’s Pizza gift certificate inserted in it. These ear phones are best for teenagers because the young generation today generally love music.

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