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One of the side effects of working on the book intensively is that everything else tends to fade from my awareness. Since I posted up the new cover for The Name of the Wind, folks have been asking me where they can buy a copy.Doubtless some of you want a copy of this book because it is clearly A Novel. I probably had an old one on file from when I wrote a weekly advice column for the college paper.So I dug around in my files a bit and found one. To entertain you in the meantime, here's one of the College Survival Guide columns I used to write for the local paper.Dear Pat,I recently had a rough relationship with a friend. And it probably factored into my decision to keep writing my College Survival Guide for about 10 years.I even, believe it or not, wrote a sex advice column for a while. Specifically, a satirical advice column called "Your College Survival Guide" that I used to publish in the local paper. If a store orders a book from the warehouse, this cover will probably get delivered to them.

I however, have always believed that "class," when taken in moderation, adds a new, enriching dimension to your whole college experience.But "class" is not something to be approached hastily. But if the bookstore orders from a distributor, the distributor might not have this fifth printing in stock. I still do.But what's funny is that my sister cut the column out of the Pointer (the college paper that originally printed the Survival Guide) and took it home for Christmas. His name is Shawn Speakman, and he runs a business that sells signed books over the magical interweb.So, when I head out to Seattle at the end of the month for Norwescon, I'm going to swing by his place and sign a bunch of books for him. If you want one you can go order a copy at his store.Please note that I'd be more than happy to personalize your book for you, free of charge. But as long as you're wearing pants you can usually borrow pens, paper, and books from other students, or in extreme situations, trade candy for them.On the other hand, if you forget your pants, my experience has been that no one will lend you theirs.
But "Pat's note" doesn't sound nearly as official.]Dear Pat,A friend gave me a copy of your College Survival Guide Collection for Christmas and I spent all break reading it.

The Pat that gave advice to the girl with all the scars back when I was a freshman, or wrote the Christmas column in your book. Copies of my first published book, The College Survival Guide.This is a collection of the first four years of a humor column I used to write.
I survived nearly a decade in Stevens Point without one, walking to my various jobs and carrying my groceries home.I never had the luxury of living alone either.
How I miss you.While I'm busy working on book two and getting ready to be a dad, I'll probably post up an old column or two on the blog here.

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