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Boyfriends Suck                                                                                                                                      This kit is the best way to get over any break up of course! Oh Kit, What Have I Done                                                                                                                        We like to call this one a “post-party miracle.” You are in college and unfortunately, hangovers sometimes come with the territory.
Pack Your Kit and Go                                                                                                                               Whether you are studying abroad or just going away for a relaxing spring break, you’ll need Dormify’s travel essentials to have the best time ever! Cram, Bam, Thank You Ma’am                                                                                                                    Midterms and finals, the least fun parts of college.
The Ultimate Dorm Survival Kit                                                                                                                    The best for last. There you have it, anything you could possibly need to survive the next four years in a box. Including things such as a premium milk chocolate bar for emergency relief, a voodoo notepad to get revenge and black nail polish to sulk for a little while, this kit will help you move on.

So when your friend calls you complaining every day about her horrific random roommate and all the crazy things she’s doing, send her this kit.
If your college student is not checking in as often as they should, give them some incentives. Over the past week, they have done a lot of tweeting about our survival kits and even featured them in an article on their site. Here’s a link to all of  our Survival Kits to share with mom and dad next time they ask you how school is going. This kit is equipped with anything you could possible need to feel better as soon as possible. Our hangover kit has loads of all natural products to help you rejuvenate and get ready for that 8am class the next day.
Since she can’t switch rooms (although if you find a way more power to ya) this kit will help minimize the effects of an awful roommate.

Gauraunteed to put a smile on your face, this kit has some of the best items a college student could ever receive in the mail; gumballs, balloon animals, bright nail polish, and a sticker pad. Not only does this kit come with the most stylish study accessories, we’ve also included a few essentials to help you relax and take a break every once in a while. Our Survival Kits are the perfect problem solver for any situation and will make anyone’s day instantly better.
With 11 different varieties to choose from, there’s a kit for every problem, mood, and celebration.

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