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The Buck 110 is one of today's most iconic hunting knives, and as a result, many other knife manufacturers have copied its design. The novice blacksmith was named Hoyt Buck, and his invention occurred after he started searching for a better technique to temper steel. Buck crafted each of his knives by hand, and his products were especially useful during World War II. The knife features a 5-inch double-sided blade as well as backside serrations for powerful cutting tasks.

For many knife owners, the Buck Alpha Hunter knife is a companion tool to the fixed blade models. The famous knife artisans Grant and Gavin Hawk are the creative team responsible for the new lock.
The bumble bee (see photo) that is found on all the LAGUIOLE knives is one the emblems of the area, for its reliability. These knives are the result of a family tradition of fine workmanship and very high quality products.

The blades still snap out when the buttons are pushed and this knife is in great shape for its age.

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