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The Cold Steel GI Tanto is a tactical knife designed for practical uses such as camping and hunting. This Cold Steel Leatherneck SF review will discuss several important aspects that concern any knife-buying consumer. Looking at our checklist, it seems that this particular knife by Cold Steel has the features that we want in a survival knife except for the fact that it has a hollow ground edge rather than our preferred flat grind. Based on this Cold Steel Leatherneck SF review, it looks like this knife has a lot more going for it rather than against it. The knife features a 7-inch Tanto blade of 1055 carbon steel blade with hard spring temper and black rust-resistant finish. It's well balanced so you're able to comfortably and easily use the knife without straining your wrist.

Personally, I prefer a survival knife made out of carbon steel rather than stainless steel. The blade is very sharp straight out of the box and, for a stainless steel blade, it's quite easy to sharpen.
In addition, it has a steel butt cap that's solid and tough - perfect for hammering things into place. Carbon steel is tougher, easier to sharpen, holds its edge longer, and can be sharpened to a razor edge. In conclusion, the Leatherneck SF is an all-around survival knife that would be a great choice especially since it has a very reasonable price for something that would perform well in most survival tasks. Cold Steel is known for producing high quality knives, many of which are favorites of outdoorsmen and survival experts.

And since this is a stainless steel blade rather than a carbon steel one, it's not as tough as I'd like it to be especially since we're talking about "survival" here. And if you're a novice when it comes to using a knife like this in the outdoors, the presence of the double quillion guards also ensures your hand remains protected.
The great thing about this sheath is that the knife locks into place once it is pushed into the sheath. With the addition of the restraining strap, you won't have to worry about your knife falling from the sheath at any point in time.

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