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Description: Each ergonomically designed, well balanced knife features full tang construction for heavy-duty durability. Over the last couple months, I've had the opportunity to test Menefee's hot dropped and fully forged Saber Knives, and I'm happy to say that here is another affordable knife that performs like its more expensive counterparts. The Saber knife bag works differently than most other knife bags - the blades are inserted into tight fitting sleeves (instead of the handles dropped into pockets), so much of the blade is covered and the rest of the edge is held snugly against the side of the bag. Saber Knives are made of a blend of German steels and manufactured in China (the blades are completely hot drop forged - no welding of forged or stamped components or other funny stuff).
The MAC knives I use and the Global knives that my wife uses are expensive and aimed at people with disposable income, executive chefs, and the cognoscenti.
I ran it through the same battery of tests that I performed in our Equipment & Gear: Chef's Knives Rated article and found it to be around the same cutting performance as Wusthof. Additionally, nearly undetectable magnets embedded under the blade sleeves help keep the knives in place under normal transportation conditions.
This 14 pc professional titanium stainless steel cutlery set features blades that will never dull; they resist corrosion and also feature full tang blades for sensational balance and control.
This is especially true of knives - so it came as a surprise that I would find myself wholeheartedly recommending a knife set from Saber Knives. The bags supplied by the knife makers weren't nearly as nice, useful, or safe, but it's hard to beat free. When I received the bag with knife samples, it had traveled halfway across the country via UPS.

From professional prep to everyday eats, this amazing cutlery set features seven essential blades that take cooking to new heights. Menefee found that most of the cooks and chefs could barely make their rent and afford daily necessities much less saving up for high quality tools of their trade. Each of the Saber Knives has a granton edge (divots are cut into the side of the blade to reduce the surface area that food like potatoes and cucumbers could stick to).
I've resorted to buying knife blade protectors ($2-$5 each depending on material and size) for each of the knives I carry in the bag so I don't end up cutting myself.
Although the knives are more expensive to manufacture than many others made in China, Menefee feels that he can keep total cost down by keeping his staff lean (he doesn't have a secretary and writes his own letters), producing only two product lines (a set with the bag for professionals and a set with a block for home chefs - keeping down inventory and packaging costs), and sacrificing a bit of his profits. The 14-pc titanium knife set gives you the professional performance and durability you've been looking for. The most popular German knives are in the same ballpark - $80 to $100 per knife, but are designed differently.
My bag is also soft and flexible which means I have to lie it down flat or risk having the knives slip out of their sleeves and pool at the bottom of the bag (knocking against each other as I pick up the bag again). When I opened it, only a couple knives had slipped out of their sheaths, but the bag was still perfectly safe due to the protected cloth covers (which Velcro down snugly). He designed a safe, comfortable, and sturdy knife bag, then manufactured a handful which he gave out as gifts. The thicker blade isn't suitable for holding an edge with an angle as narrow as the Japanese blades, but the heft of the knife helps cut through when razor sharpness cannot.

Unique stainless steel diamond cut non-stick blades Ergonomic sure grip handles for comfort and safety Reinforced blade shank for extra strength Dishwasher safeIncludes:6 steak knives Filet knife Utility knife Garnish knife Bread knife Chef's knife Cleaver Frozen food knife Cyclone kitchen shearsWhether you are purchasing your first set, upgrading from an existing set or selecting a memorable gift, we are certain you'll find the Knife Set that best suits your cooking and gift giving needs. After several revisions, Menefee felt he had a product that culinary students, chefs and cooks might purchase. The granton edge does work in reducing sticking, and it certainly doesn't hurt on the smaller knives. His bag is compact (but holds twelve knives, a cleaver, honing steel, and a pouch for other small tools), made of durable nylon (reinforced by stiff paper board), stores blades snugly and safely, has a heavy-duty zipper, and comfortable hand grip (as well as a detachable shoulder strap that doesn't need to be unclipped to open the bag unlike my Dexter-Russell bag). The ultimate knife set for the serious home chef, the Professional Chef 14 Piece Knife Set contains premium knives of steel titanium in beautiful design. For years, I've been telling people that there are high-performance kitchen knives available for the masses with the Forschner Chef's Knife as one of my favorites. It is this market segment - affordable but high quality - that Saber Knives is trying to satisfy.

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