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Check Out Our Slang Dictionary!Check out Anglotopia's Dictionary of British Slang - Your Complete Guide to over 1,000 British Slang Words and Phrases. September to October is a great time to get cheap flights to London because it's the shoulder season and there are fewer tourists visiting the city. Dear Pirates, United Airlines is offering direct flights from United Kingdom to New York City from reasonable 350 GBP or 430 Euro - roundtrip after taxes. Flights are pretty much a commodity, these days you seem to get the same bad service from every carrier. Several airlines fly into London Gatwick, and recently two new airlines have started flying from New York and DC to London Stansted. Non-US airlines can have significantly cheaper flights, which are made even less expensive with the exchange rate between the Canadian and US dollars (though at the moment, the exchange rate is nearly 1:1, so it's not much of a difference as it once was). If you're a student, consider searching the web for "student travel" and you should find some decent student-focused travel agencies that usually offer flights from NY to London for $250 roundtrip over the summer. If you are flexible on timing, are traveling alone, and don't need to take much luggage, consider courier flights.

Many large online booking services offer email or SMS updates should rates decrease or meet your price requirements for flights to a specific location. From its multicultural shopping venues to its towering historical landmarks, London offers a compelling mix of old and new. If you keep an eye out for specials you can often find $200 flights from the east coast and $300 flights from the west coast in January, round trip.
Booking both your outward and return journeys on one of these days can save you $100 or more when booking a flight.
You'll be expected to dress reasonably smartly, pick up a small package at the airport, and hand it over to an agent at the airport in London - in return you'll get a very cheap fare. Whether you want to visit Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, and other important attractions to learn about their historical significance or you want to stroll the picturesque streets of the city and duck in for some fish and chips on occasion, visiting London is an unforgettable experience. So, if you want to find cheap flights to London, shop around and compare prices on several small travel websites. So if the flights you find are significantly higher than $500, this could be a real win-win for both of you.

Make sure you cancel the subscription after your flight unless you want to continue receiving advertisements.
To ensure that your London getaway doesn't break the bank, follow these tips for finding cheap flights to London. Most British people take their yearly vacations in July and August so avoid traveling during this period because cheap flights to London are harder to find. Also, call travel agents who specialize in booking tickets to London because they will be more knowledgeable about the times, dates, and seasons when cheap flights to London are readily available. If Site A shows you $550 instead Site B showing $1000 on the first page, sure you would think Site A is cheaper. When you go for choosing Returning flight, there is another $550, so now your total is $1100.

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