Carry a pocket knife in nyc, san francisco middle class neighborhoods - Review

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The Gerber GDC Tech Skin Pocket Knife has one goal: Be there for the tasks you should never have to take on without a blade.
Does Everything You Want, And Nothing You Don’tThe GDC Tech Skin Pocket Knife can handle all the day-to-day tasks an everyday carry should, but what it doesn’t do is the hidden beauty of this compact knife. Ever-Ready BladeIts sharp, 2.5-inch, drop point blade is always there in your bag or pocket, ready to help you open a package, sharpen a pencil or cut a sandwich to share with a friend.
It's always nice to have as sharp knife with you and not having to worry about it damaging or scratching other things in my pocket!! This is a great pocket knife, i got a few weeks ago,and i dont leave the house without it i put a razor sharp edge on it. The knife is really awesome, and safe to carry in your pocket, or just carrying it in your hand. I have given this knife to relatives and friends as gifts because it is so well made and so durable for the price.
I am mind blown that the Gdc tech skin pocket knife i put hard use to in and it never have a dull edge on i really like GERBER!!!! I am a Gerber Fan, and this looks like a great knife, but I don't see it replacing my Swiss Army Classic SD as a daily carry. Received this today as an anniversary present from my girlfriend, and already I have fallen in love with this knife.

The absolute best part about this knife, and one of the main reasons that I wanted it, is how practical yet non-threatening it is. This knife, however, is slim enough to avoid detection, and small enough as to not appear threatening, must be opened with two hands, but still remains an incredibly practical carry! When I first received the knife i found it was much smaller than what I thought which was a very good thing.
If you’ve ever bitten off a tag with your teeth, opened a well-sealed envelope with a car key, or broken down a refrigerator-sized cardboard box with bare hands, you know exactly what we’re talking about.But your pocket knife should never put a scratch down the face of your gleaming, new smartphone as they jostle around in your bag or front pocket. With no metal showing when closed, it will never scratch the other daily essentials you carry with you, like your phone, tablet or laptop. The best part of this knife though is the highly compact size so you can actually carry it in politically "progressive" regions that would otherwise out you in jail for having a tool on your person. The only way to make this better would be if the handle had a lanyard hole to turn the knife in to a key chain.
The rubber handle is soft enough as not to damage anything in your pocket, but still firm enough to get a decent grip. A great knife, but with a long blade, wicked serrations, and easy to open with one hand, they would almost certainly have considered it threatening. Since this knife has no exposed metal, the thumb studs are to close to the handle of the knife, which makes it hard to open with one hand.

This is the only knife I CARRY even though I own far more expensive knives such as Helle brand knives from Norway or the famous Randall Made Knives.
The knife initially feels a bit too light, but once it's opened, the redistributed weight gives it a much better balance.
Whilst most knives are technically illegal for daily carry, it mostly comes down to the discretion of the officer you talk to. The latest issue is the the lock mechanism doesn't hold up and the knife can be closed without it. They have a particular thing about knives that either have assisted-opening (such as a spring) or that you can open with a wrist-flick. 2) I still have to carry my SA blade because it has a variety of tools that the Gerber doesn't.

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