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Categories: Credit Card Knives | Author: admin 17.04.2015

If there was ever a challenge, Let's-Make-a-Deal style, where the chefs had to make a meal using tools only in their pockets or purses, whomever has this Cardsharp Utility Knife will be cool as a cucumber. The Cardsharp Knife is an innovative new idea from Iain Sinclair that provides a light and ultra sharp knife in the shape and size of a credit card. The knife is attached to a hinge that swings out, and the "card" portion turns into the knife's handle.

Considering it’s built according to the measurements of a credit card (and is as thin too), using the knife extensively may result in a very common injury: your palm slides down the handle and ouch!
When folded up, the knife includes a locking mechanism to protect you from the blade and a protective sheath to protect the blade from you.
Congratulations Cardsharp-owning-chef, you are America's Most Talented, Next Great, Amazing, Survivor Chef!

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