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One of the major benefits of our extensive array of in-stock Pocket Cards is that they arrive glued and assembled. Consisting of a single 5x7 Card with an attached pocket, pocket cards have all the style and convenience of a pocket fold, but without all the extra bulk. If you find your pocket card is looking more stuffed than stylish, streamline it by taking the invitation card out and sticking it to the other side.
Pocket cards are great for invitations of all occasions, but are also great for save the dates, greeting cards, thank you notes, party favors, and more! Made with 105 lb card stock (285.95 gsm) and finished with flecks of real mica mineral, our Pocket Cards shimmer in different lights and are available in select Stardream and Aspire Petallics colors. Design 1 (Left) Pocket Card Shown with Invitation Card in Pocket - Response Card & Response Envelope can be placed in the pocket, behind the invitation card, or behind the Pocket Card inside the mailing envelope.
Design 2 (Right) Pocket Card Shown with Invitation Affixed - Response items are in the pocket on the reverse side. You may also be interested in watching another video called How To Make an Ornate Layered Pocket Card Invitation where you'll see an advanced Pocket Card design with layers and embellishments.

Our versatile Pocket Cards are now available in a range of Stardream colors with metallic finishes, giving you more options for unique holiday cards and invitations. If you have any questions about making Pocket Card invitations for this coming holiday season, post a comment. This entry was posted in Pocket Invitations Videos, Product Videos and tagged pocket-card-invitations, pocket-cards.
It’s very nice to know more about pocket cards especially during Christmas Holiday Seasons. We do our best to make it convenient for the DIYer to design and create wedding and event invitations in a style all their own. It's as if someone came along and chopped the bottom portion off of your pocket folds, and a pocket card was born! It's a great way to jazz up an otherwise traditional invitation design and to add a splash of color.
The beauty of pockets is their ability to neatly organize all of the "stuff" that goes into invitation ensembles - you know; response items, reception card, direction card, wedding website card - the list goes on.

Let your beautiful invitation stand alone in the front, and the additional information sit neatly in the back. Along with a card, throw in a photo, some confetti, some candy - any little trinket you can think of. This video walks you through some our ideas to inspire you to use Pocket Cards this holiday season. These invitations contain a built in pocket that allows you to have separate cards that provide information for your guests. Examples of necessary information that you might like to provide are 1) information on accommodations in the area, 2) information on local activities, 3) the respond card and 4) a reception card.

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