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My blades are forged from high carbon steels and edge-quenched for a hard edge and soft spine for strength and flexibility. This camper blade is made with 1085 high carbon steel which has been hand-forged and tempered to approximately 50 RC. Whereas most modern kitchen knives are created out of stainless steel, the blades of many older models are other materials, such as carbon steel.The problem with carbon steel blades, as the reader had found out, is that they are vulnerable to discoloration. You can brighten your knives’ blades by polishing them with fine steel wool and Noxon metal polish.
Although the question was aimed at kitchen cutlery, this topic is something all knife owners should consider.

For ceramic blades, found in some folding knives and kitchen cutlery, they will not rust or suffer discoloration, but they are more susceptible to scratches and breaks. Whether plastic, titanium, stainless steel or carbon steel, it’s important for knife owners to understand the vulnerabilities of each blade material. In addition, collecting editor Fritz Karch recommends hand-washing the knives after each use and drying them immediately to prevent rust. As Stewart pointed out, always cleaning carbon steel blades, whether kitchen cutlery or hunting knives, is crucial to keeping its color and durability. For example, stainless steel blades have the potential to rust in certain environments, so drying and occasionally scrubbing them with abrasive cloth will preserve the blades’ integrity.

All you need to do is add a handle or a handle and a guard if you prefer depending on the style of the blade. Then, with a cloth or paper towel, wipe a thin layer of mineral oil onto the blade to protect the steel from corrosion.

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