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Canadian Bushcraft is a Native-owned wilderness school located twenty minutes south of Peterborough Ontario, on the shores of historical Rice Lake. Since 2008, Canadian Bushcraft has trained university students, military personnel, First Nations communities and the general public about wilderness living skills (also known as “Bushcraft”). But buying decent kit can be expensive, and because many people who might be interested in bushcraft cannot afford to buy lots of pricey gear all at once, I wanted to find a way of putting together a beginners’ kit for a budget that pretty much anyone can afford. I used the kit again while working on a week-long Elementary Wilderness Bushcraft course in Sussex.

Ben Gray is a member of the Frontier Bushcraft instructional team and has been involved with the teaching of bushcraft since 2009. Great article again, I really admire your approach to bushcraft – in particular a line in a previous article which said something to the effect that the point of bushcraft is to acquire less kit, not more!
This is the same kit almost that i started my bushcraft with over 25 year ago when i was a beginner.
So much kit sold these days for bushcraft, when the ultimate goal is to be able to live from what is around you.

But this shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to anyone, and if I was new to bushcraft with a light wallet, I would certainly use this gear to get me out of the house and into the woods!

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