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And since I am not a huge camper, I’ve teamed up with some amazing bloggers who love to camp to create a list of the ultimate camping tips.
There is nothing worse than forgetting something when camping because sometimes it’s not so easy to get to a store to pick it up! But during the summer season when everyone else is enjoying camping and all its sights and sounds, injuries, accidents and FIRES also can happen; in fact, around 3,800 Americans are injured by charcoal grill or gas fires, due to recreational fire and outdoor cooking.
Part of the problem is the increasing trend of using fire pits, something that has been concerning the Fire Service in the recent years because they are the main causes of campsite fires and wild forest fires.  Fire pits are the top choices among families and groups holding outdoor activities, such as camping and picnics.
So if you were using a fire pit for an outdoor family activity this weekend, read on and we’ve listed the most essential tips when using them as well as tips for keeping the campsite fire-free with proper and safe use of fire pits and campfires.

Speaking of first aid, you should take note of certain things to bring before camping, especially in terms of supplies needed for your kit. In some cases, people use mobile homes, boats and caravans when camping, and these are prone to catching fire, too, because in them are portable appliances and bottled fuels, including paraffin, petroleum gas and kerosene, which are used for cooking and heating.  Do not use such products within tents or indoors. There you have our guide to making everyone at the campsite safe through learning of the best tips to prevent fire in the campsite. If you think we’ve missed something here, feel free adding your tips in the comment section below.
They have been used for centuries to carry fire, which not only saved time, but it also saves the amount of calories expended, which is exceptionally important in times of survival.

Camping outdoors requires bringing the essentials with you and sometimes it can be a hassle to carry everything.

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