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When campers pack for a camping trip, they are typically thinking about what convenience items they should take.
However, neglecting the essential tools needed for survival will end up leaving campers high and dry if the worst should happen.
Electrical Items According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, a basic survival kit should contain at least three separate electrical items: a flashlight and spare batteries, a battery-operated or crank-operated radio, and a cell phone and charger. The current season of Ultimate Survival Alaska continues Sundays through March 9 at its new time, 10 p.m.
You’ve got to love a good kit, especially when it comes from Ultimate Survival Technologies.

Before heading out on that big trip, there is some essential survival gear that every modern camper must have. Our mission, to offer the best survival gear at prices that make sense, has proven to resonate with Amazon customers. The addition of our emergency saw, which can be used in virtually any survival situation, just made too much sense. The basics to stock in your portable kit include: water, food, battery-powered radio and flashlight with extra batteries, first aid supplies, change of clothing, blanket or sleeping bag, wrench or pliers, whistle, dust mask, plastic sheeting and duct tape, trash bags, map, a manual can opener for canned food and special items for infants, elderly, the sick or people with disabilities. If survival kit you might be involved in an emergency that forces you to evacuate your home, also include a wrench or other tools you’ll need to turn off utilities before you go.

More SOS Rescue Tools: Survival Saw (Available with 2 mylar blankets or with 4 emergency blankets and a magnesium fire starter) When in a life threatening outdoor emergency, there are generally 3 things to focus on finding immediately.
With the SOS Survival Saw , youll gather firewood without having to search very far which can save valuable energy. Go off the grid with 12 survival experts on a 10-leg expedition in the brutal and dangerous Alaska terrain.

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