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Every year, I receive at least a few cheapo little flashlights and a pocket knife or two for Christmas, and they all break in no time with little use.
You are right on all those products, i have had first hand experience with the cheap tent and powered coolers. All about prepping, wilderness survival & bushcraft techniques, gun, knife and outdoor gear reviews! I recognize that the items in this personal survival kit, are basic and not of the highest quality available, but my opinion is that the items here are functional enough to do their job for most wilderness survival situations, which typically last less than three days. Most of us hear the word survival kit and assume someone is talking about a bug-out bag or a get-home bag, or any number of different-sized kits out there.
Buying such a kit isn’t a bad idea, but building your own kit is enjoyable and more efficient.
The problem with the plethora of cheap multifunction devices out there is that they don’t do anything very well. If someone ignores the advice on cheap tents, then I’d suggest they take along a couple of tarps to throw over it when it starts to rain.

We have good luck with our 5-day ice chest, but one of these days I’m going to try one of those high-end marine coolers.
Later, that led me to join the USAF where I became a USAF Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape (SERE) Instructor. These smaller survival situations occur much more often than a widespread disaster situation, like Hurricane Katrina. The Brigade Quartermaster mini survival compass is about the size of a quarter and about as thick as a dollar’s worth of quarters.
They’re made cheap, so they usually don’t come with chargers – the only way to charge them is with the hand crank. You want to be able to survive without utility services, emergency personnel assistance for at least three days. They’re also cheap because they don’t have a lot of buttons, dials and displays – so you’re left to rely on guessing, as to which channel you’re tuned into. For this purpose, there are emergency 72 hour kits or as some folks call them Bug Out Bags.

A long-lasting and more robust fire-starter is a fire-striker; they work wet, and they aren’t cheap plastic and they don’t run out of fuel. A whistle is cheap and a piece of reflective glass is easy enough to acquire and break until it fits just right.
I consider myself a realist and while I enjoy primitive survival living, hiking, camping, and hunting for short periods. There are five basic needs that every person in a survival situation should address that are key to getting you through safely through the situation and returned to your family.

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