Bushcraft hunting, farberware stainless steel knife set with block - 12 piece - For You

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Larger survival knives like the Hoodlum can be great for chopping, clearing, batoning, bushcraft and self-protection but are often very heavy due to the length of the knife and the extra thickness needed to keep such a long blade from bending or breaking under stress. It’s great for large and small bushcraft tasks, and suitable for just about any survival task that you might expect a bladed tool to perform. The Buck Hoodlum is a great choice for those who want a very large, lightweight and super rugged knife that is capable of performing the widest range of survival, camping, emergency and bushcraft tasks and is comfortable enough to carry all day.

It’s a great knife for Bug Out Bags, Emergency Kits, Camping, Hiking, Bushcraft, Hunting, Extreme Adventures, Survival Training and for those who are looking for ONE reliable knife….
For a smaller, stout, proven and popular bushcraft and survival knife at about half the price of the Hoodlum, check out the Ka-Bar Becker BK-2 or the Schrade Extreme Survival Knife SCHF9 or SCHF10. I am not ready to hunt as I am not at the level proficiency I would like for hunting, so at the moment I am practicing until I am ready.

I thought given its size and weight that this is an extremely practical hunting tool, especially as often my traps remain un-triggered and I often go hungry on a camp.

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