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Our Bushcraft Basics courses are aimed at giving an introduction to the foundation skills any wilderness expert shouldn’t leave home without.
Bushcraft and wild living has become more and more popular over the last few years and is a great way to get that wilderness connection that so many of our lives are without.
We run a selection of publicly bookable open courses scheduled throughout the year in subjects from Basics to Bow making. We don’t currently offer Canoe and Bushcraft Activities in the Peak District but hope to be doing so in the future. Now you can try your hand at some of the bushcraft and survival skills you’ve seen the pro’s showing off.

The location may change for each each course so please check the Google Calendar or contact us for specifics. All necessary equipment will always be provided as part of our courses however, should you wish to continue practicing at home, we sell the equipment needed. Here at Peak Instruction we offer a range of bushcraft and wilderness skills activities from our private site near Whaley Bridge in the Peak District or, by arrangement, at your own venue. A bushcraft stall or station at an event really attracts people and we have some great participation activities for all the family. There is a satisfaction in knowing how to start a fire from scratch or sleep comfortably in a forest, it is a primitive skill set that most modern lives are without.Whether you’re an adult seeking a new experience or want your kids to get that increasingly important wilderness connection, bushcraft is a great way to spend time in the great outdoors.

We can deliver almost all bushcraft and wilderness skills activities at your own site too, ideal for schools and businesses looking to do something different with no transport costs.
Our Bushcraft Basics activity sessions are great for families and individuals wanting to try something new.

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