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Roger Harrington is the founder of Bison Bushcraft and has been working in the outdoors and Bushcraft world since 1992. Bison Bushcraft has not felt the need to invent its own set of qualifications as seen elsewhere.
One of our most experienced instructors, Rob is a fully qualified arborist who claims to have been raised by wolves. The skills we employ for Bushcraft in the UK are generally associated with or derived from the skills employed by country folk to procure food, fire, water and shelter. This course is not a full on Bushcraft course but more of a weekend of county pursuits whilst living in the relative luxury of a wood-stove heated tipi and eating in comfortable heated hut around a table each mealtime.
An opportunity for Fathers and sons to spend time together with us guiding them through the construction of life’s needs for a Bushcraft night out. The Bison Bushcraft commitment to good training practise ensures that key parts of this day will be delivered on low student to instructor ratio. For experienced shooters we can arrange a long range shooting day on a private facility in Wales which can accommodate virtually any distance that your rifle is capable of shooting. A week-long course in the cornerstone skills and knowledge of bushcraft provides an immersion in learning and a breadth of experience not possible during a shorter course. In learning the techniques of bushcraft, you will certainly gain the ability to utilise natural resources to provide for your basic needs – fire, shelter, water and food. Bushcraft is a massive grouping of skills and knowledge which encompasses botany, butchery, campcraft, cookery, craftwork skills, firecraft, fishing, mycology, navigation, outdoor safety, stalking, tracking, trapping, wood carving, zoology and much more.
The Elementary Wilderness Bushcraft course is an immersive, challenging yet enjoyable programme of learning in the woods that delivers a broad base of skills. The aim of the Elementary Wilderness Bushcraft course is not for you to only see the techniques, or even just ‘have a go;’ rather, the aim is for you to make these important techniques your own.

To this end, the Elementary Wilderness Bushcraft course provides comprehensive instruction in the cornerstone skills of bushcraft with a high instructor-to-student ratio.
For most people the course is tiring but, as with many things in life, the benefits you get from bushcraft skills are in proportion to the effort you put into mastering them. Wilderness bushcraft not only increases your self-reliance in the great outdoors; your confidence grows and you become more relaxed. This course provides a fantastic opportunity to gain a solid grounding in wilderness bushcraft and learn directly from expert instructors.
Cutting Tools: While many of the tasks of bushcraft are possible without a cutting tool, some are impractical and most are made easier if you have at least a knife. Practical Bushcraft Skills for the Trail: It’s one thing to practice various bushcraft techniques from the comfort of a base camp. Preparing salmon for cooking over the fire during an Elementary Wilderness Bushcraft Course. During the course you will receive a carbon steel bushcraft knife by Mora of Sweden, and the latest Model 2.0 Swedish Firesteel, with re-designed striker and much improved ergonomics. If there’s anyone out there trying to decide which company to choose, to either introduce them to, or to further their bushcraft knowledge, then I can wholeheartedly recommend Frontier Bushcraft. Paul’s ability to impart his knowledge, experience and practical skills in such a way so as to make it simple, easy and fun for all, is truly a gift.
Frontier Bushcraft Limited is a company incorporated in England and Wales with company number 7456133 and with its registered office at 145-157 St John Street, London EC1V 4PW. The cost of a bushcraft experience is very much dependent on group size and length of stay at one of our sites.
What our clients say:"We had such a blast on the Native American Indian Day and it was down to both you and Caroline for making it such a fun and memorable experience.

His sense of humour and passion for all Bushcraft skills make him an asset to all of our training events.
While many bushcraft skills have an impact on the local environment, we encourage thoughtfulness in harvesting materials.
It is hard to pin point any specific highlights as each day brought new challenges, knowledge and experiences. We'll fashion all kinds of craft projects with opportunities to make stools, spoons, cups and bowls, pack-saws and a host of other crafted aids to wilderness living. Deliberately set at the time of year to avoid the midge season we'll be focusing on all the elements necessary to set up home in the wilderness including shelter location and construction, fire lays, camp utensil crafts, some local wild foods and if the time and weather permits some coastal foraging. Bison Bushcraft will supply the meals on this course and will issue a necessary kit list upon booking. You'll learn knots and rope-work, care and safe use of cutting tools, gathering safe drinking water and a host of other Bushcraft skills. He is an accomplished craftsman with his own range of handmade knives and leather work, as well as a vast skill base covering greenwood crafts and bow making. Waking up in the morning after a night spent under a tarp, watching the low morning sun shining through the trees and listening to the sounds of the woodland coming to life was also an unforgettable experience.
I have experience in that type of thing but to be re-taught it again in a much more relaxed environment was a joy, although a little frustrating when I didn’t get it right the first time on my own. I would certainly recommend this course to anyone who is serious about getting the best bushcraft training and best hands on experience available.

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