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Now I don't profess to be an expert on 110 knives but have enough of them to know that the bolsters aren't radiused.
In 1964, Al Buck transformed the knife trade when he created the Model 110 Folding Hunter as he included a folding lockblade feature with the knife.
Due to the ingenuity of the company's founders, Buck has adopted an enduring commitment to produce state-of-the-art products.
The Buck 110 is one of today's most iconic hunting knives, and as a result, many other knife manufacturers have copied its design.

The novice blacksmith was named Hoyt Buck, and his invention occurred after he started searching for a better technique to temper steel. Buck crafted each of his knives by hand, and his products were especially useful during World War II. The company produces the knife model in the United States, and it features Buck's new locking device. For many knife owners, the Buck Alpha Hunter knife is a companion tool to the fixed blade models.

When people buy a Buck knife, they'll have a quality-cutting tool that will continue to be useful throughout the years.

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