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Modifications can void warranty work, but shouldn't make a difference on the spa treatment. It seems I'm not the only one having a hard time making heads or tails of the various models and variations. There's a reason rednecks like me have been calling all hunting knives "Buck Knives" for years. I also have some collector Bucks , the Xchanger , the early and late titanium handle 110 style knives , all in mint condition . Knowing God is the underlying motivation for the quality of these knives explains everything. It has been dropped, thrown, soaked, pounded, sliced, diced, shared and everything else you would expect to do with a larger-sized quality knife. Today, this larger hunting knife with a large clip blade for detail work, piercing and cutting in tight places for added control, is as popular as ever.

If you want to judge a knife based on fancy packaging, gimmicky sheaths, bright colors, national advertising, or paid big-name actors then go ahead and buy some other knife. If you judge your knife by the one you instantly and instinctively grab for whenever duty calls then THIS IS YOUR KNIFE. This knife has been pushed to the limit and in all conditions and still holds an edge like it was brand new.
One more thing, after 20 years, my knife has taken quite a beating yet the blade is sharp and as strong as when it was new. While in the attic (my job cause I was small enough to get up there) I found a combat harness with this knife strapped to it.
I have bought some serious knives over the years: Microtech, Boker, and Benchmade, just to name a few, and I FINALLY got around to ordering a Buck while deployed. Then, for my 30th birthday, without any prior knowledge of the story I just told, my wife's father hands me my very own Buck 119.

Now, all these knives are amazing in their own rights, but I was always looking for that perfect knife.
I have NOT a clue as to how many critters it has skinned over the years but it is one hardy knife.
I put my Buck 119 knife through absolute hell and back, all I ever had to do was put an edge on it.

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