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Join up to 11 other students and three staff members for 28 days to explore Southern Utah's breathtaking Boulder Mountain and glorious canyon country.
A time for on-the-trail instruction, as our staff teach you the skills you need to comfortably survive in the desert.
Since 1968, BOSS has operated in one of the most beautiful and remote parts of the USA: the area surrounding the small town of Boulder, Utah. When you're known for being "the toughest survival school in the country," people sometimes wonder what that means.

There's a survival mantra at BOSS that advises people "Eat to live, don't live to eat." In a survival situation, choices for food must be based on caloric (and perhaps psychological) benefit more than taste. BOSS got its start in the late 1960's with a man named Larry Dean Olsen, noted author of Outdoor Survival Skills.
The BOSS WFR course will be taught in the town hall of Boulder, Utah, with day trips as needed into the surrounding natural areas. Our commitment to quality and to our core philosophies has earned BOSS its reputation as the survival school to go to when you want to learn from the best in the industry.

In the 40+ years since, the school has gone through a few changes of ownership and a significant amount of growth.
This WFR course, hosted by BOSS in Boulder, Utah, is taught by the Wilderness Medicine Institute of NOLS and covers all aspects of WMI's 80-hour certification course.

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