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Knife and Fork Set, with Leather Belt SheathAffordable, Quality Kitchen Cutlery from Boker Arbolito S.A.
Complete set of seven knives from our Damascus Olive Series (Vegetable Knife, paring knife, utility knife, All-Purpose utility knife, santoku, Chefs Knife, bread knife), and olive wood knife block. Antler from the Axis and Sambar deer in India are renowned for their density and are therefore most commonly used for knife scales. In view of the constantly increasing variety of tools and cutting instruments and the good opportunities for worldwide sales, the family realized that the individual steps in the manufacturing process had to be spread out for optimal realization of its interests. These knives are engineered and finished to the Solingen, Germany, factory standards and made in Boker's Buenos aires plant.

The Boeker family in Remscheid and their overseas cousins had a lot of interest in and a great demand for shaving blades, scissors and pocket knives from Heinrich's new enterprise. Soon pocket knives became more important than scissors, shaving blades and eating utensils. The demand increased even more rapidly than Solingen was able to supply, so that the Americans in New York began their own production of pocket knives.
Since the tree symbol had become well known by then and the various branches of the international Boeker family enjoyed an excellent relationship among each other, it was not difficult to receive permission from the Solingen relatives to use the tree symbol also for the American products.
Since that time, two different lines of Boeker knives have been on the American market with the same brand symbol, sometimes even with the same article numbers, but one line was made in the USA and the other in Solingen.
Only the declaration of marketability clarified that one line was from Boker USA and the other from H. The firm lost one of its most valuable assets: the registration of the tree symbol for the American market was confiscated pursuant to American law. Models like the 7588 and 7474 and the most expensive item, the sports knife "Flagship Model 182" could not cross the ocean fast enough to reach Boker friends all over the country.In the early 60s, Boker USA was sold and eventually acquired by the well-known scissors manufacturer Wiss & Sons.

Wiss retained the manufacture of Boeker knives and sold them together with Solingen products.
This new change in America proved to be advantageous for Boker.A very close business, as well as personal relationship developed with this industrial giant.
Thanks to the very lively business activities with Cooper for eight years, the Solingen facility could streamline its production and develop new, modern products. Without exaggeration, Boker manufactures the largest assortment of high-quality knives for sportsmen and collectors with an unsurpassed variety of materials for blades and handles.

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