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Bodyguards or bodyguarding is no longer the privilege and domain of governments and the wealthy.
DeltaOne International began trading in 1999 and is headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa with subsidiary offices in the United Kingdom, Germany, United States of America and the United Arab Emirates. Registered as Advanced Life Support (ALS) Paramedics with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA). South Africa has become infamous for being one of the worlds top ranking hot-spots for hijacking - also known as carjacking. Global Bodyguard Solutions Training Academy provides the best in specialist VIP protection courses and has been doing so since 1996.

Johannesburg, South Africa, provides an excellent environment for this very specialised training which allows for our students to experience, through practical projects, the challenges and risks faced by the modern close protection officer (CPO). Training to be a bodyguard is not easy, but the results of a successful course are well worth it! Our course is a three (3) week full-time course which covers all the requirements to enter and establish yourself in the field of VIP protection, focusing on both individual bodyguarding and close protection team work. As a result of our determination and drive to be the number one close protection training academy in South Africa, we have a stringent quality assurance programme approved by SASSETA, governing close protection training in South Africa. DeltaOne has an extensive contact network throughout the emerging markets of Africa, Middle East and Near East.

Carjacking in South Africa is often-times violent and can lead to other aggravating crimes - murder, rape, torture and robbery of residence.
The need for professional bodyguarding and personal security services are becoming common at every level of the social and business strata.

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