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It is so strange that while each girl has dozens of wallets or handbags, most of men just have one wallet.
Meeting all the first requirements of a wallet for men, this wafer-thin one has slotted storage on both sides, which gives you the most convenient when experiencing it.
When reading features list of this wallet, I laugh so much because of one line “Made of baby lamb”, who cares this thing. Being a member in the family of Best and cool slim wallets for men 2014, this wallet is slim and cool as standard. Made from nappa leather, has credit card slots, small and slim, this wallet meets all requirements for a wallet for men. This wallet is made from sail cloth, a durable, high qualified and stronger than steel material. Coming from a famous brand, the name of Levis can prove all about the high quality of this wallet.
Love this wallet and want to take it as soon as possible are my feelings at the first time to see it. Being a product of Columbia, this wallet one more time proves the strength and the high quality coming from this big brand.
The first target of Bellroy was to create a wallet that is unobtrusive and beautiful, but still able to hold all of your essentials.

Simple in appearance, clever in structure and easy in usage, it is this wallet, a style and craft wallet coming from high grade cow nappa leather.
This simple wallet comes from the USA; it is so scarce that it is the only item shipped from the USA, United States. This wallet follows vintage style and it is totally handcraft, so you can make sure about its uniqueness. Like most of other wallets for men, this one is made from premium material and has 6 credit card slots and one big space for cash.
This wallet has a brother in this collection and perhaps some details about its wallet’s features you have already heard.
When starting to write the collection of Best slim wallets for men, I thought that it was a tough task. If you are a man and you are looking for a simple wallet for yourself, this one is a choice, don’t miss it! It is made from 100% leather, has 6 credit card pockets on main wallet and 3 extra credit card ones on interior flap.
It is made from metal, has best protection against RFID scanning criminals and has capacity for up to 9 credit cards.
I just want to emphasize one more time that this wallet is very great and extremely worth having chance to serve you.

In fact, I have not yet had chance to use it, however, I assume that you can totally believe in it at least in 3 years because there is a few of wallets backed by three year warranty.
Regardless of its material, this wallet is light, harmless and it gives you a luxurious style like a leader as well. With 2 credit card slots, 2 ID holder windows and a long cash pocket, this wallet gives enough spaces for everything essential for you. It has a slim, simple and clean structure but it is open and seems to hold all things coming in it.
For some discreet bill, this wallet also has a hidden bill section, which is absolutely great!
However, the truth is that I did not do much, right from all features of those wallets, they are already shine and prove they are unique.
Follow the collection of Best and cool slim wallets for men and discover the world of the best ones.

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